STELLAR WG maxi hoops

€48 €60

The maxi Stellar hoops are all paved with round pure brillance zirconium stones. Designed for those who prefer a slightly bigger hoop to make a jewelry statement but still easy to wear. With a firm hinged closure that will keep them on from day through night ... make sure to hear the "CLIC" when you close them! Wear these with our Charms or other Earrings from our collection for infinite mix&match jewelry look.



  • Stellar Hoops (sold as pair or as single hoop).
  • Diameter: 13mm (inner) - 17mm (outer) 
  • Coating: Yellow Gold Rhodium
  • Stones: Chaton pure brillance cut zirconium 
  • Stones diametre: 1,5mm
  • Material: Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc
  • Hinged closure, make sure to hear the "clic" when closing the hoop

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