Why we don't do (Black Friday) sales

Why we don't do (Black Friday) sales

We decided to draft this blog post because we received countless requests if yes or no we were doing special offers for Black Friday.

It's that time of the year when everyone is looking for bargains in view of the Christmas gifting spree... and still when you are browsing on your favourite jewellery brand’s website, aka Stellar, there are no signs of a good deal, rebate, sales, nada.

Why is this? Stellar loves its clients so much that it should do sales, don’t you think?!

Well, we chose another path: we chose to offer the best price possible to you all year long.

We make our prices in the fairest way possible to offer our client the best quality, the edgier design and the best value for your money every single day of the year.

Also these prices allow us to make a profit and invest in further marketing visuals and campaigns and eventually pay our employees a fair salary.

As well as offering recyclable packaging, being an equal opportunity recruiter or promoting diversity in our visuals, offering stable prices all year long is part of our sustainability strategy (that we will detail in one of our further Blog Post).

We believe that offering sales all year long kills the sense of value of things. We believe that Black Friday promotes over consumption over quality of choice. We believe that we should be true to you and let you know why we don't do sales, even more, why we don't do Black Friday.

So how do we deal with our stocks of unsold goods?

Well, as you know if you follow us since the beginning, we make limited and short collections. So far we have been able to sell 100% of our collections. We try to control our production to be able to sell everything.

And we have decided that if we had unsold goods in the future, we would find a way to value them by either making a donation to NGOs we support (there are a lot we love and support) or offering them to our most loyal clients.

This means that if you are a Stellar maniac, you might receive free offerings…

This is a bunch of reasons not to do Black Fridays and sales in general that we hope sincerely will convince you.

In the meantime, you can admire Renée wearing beautifully your next purchase

Sincerely yours 

The Stellars

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