LILA // Our April Muse

LILA, Lucky Charm

LILA, 27 years old, Paris, Le Marais.

Lila is an actress since she is 7 years old, a singer since 14 years old, and today at 27, she is a successful real estate agent in Paris. Lila is an early bird, follow her heart and do everything with passion.

Stellar Lila

Her Motto

"Always higher, always stronger"

HER Favorite

  • Color: "All shades of Blue"
  • Stellar pieces: GIOIA & SNAKE chains and DROP ear cuffs. To wear with round collar tees.
  • Jewelry piece: Rings & Earrings.Why choose?
  • Place on earth: Her bed! No doubt, it is the best cocoon in the world.

HER Mood


I'm very thankful for what's going on in my new life. The last past years were very complicated and now I feel like I'm breathing again. I had to decide who I really wanted to be and I think I chose the best way. So yes, definitely I'm thankful.


Photocredit : Julie Lansom

Hair&Make Up : Typhanie PR

Clothes : Stouls

Location : Blend Coffee

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