Snezana // October Muse

SNOWY & La collection ÉPI

✨ Snowy, a Star is born ✨

Snezana, or Snowy to her friends, is our sales ambassador and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Snezana means Snow White in Macedonian, which is where our beautiful Snowy gets her roots. A Parisian for a year now, Snowy is Danish and speaks many languages. Model and boutique manager at 222, Snowy is a true source of wonder and inspiration for our customers. For each person who enters the Stellar boutique, Snowy will take the utmost care to find the right piece to meet their needs. And more ... Everyone will have a great time discussing jewelry, fashion, music, Paris and beyond ... what to do, where to go, what to see ... a Stellar Shopping Experience!

Aligned with Stellar's values, Snowy is brilliant and loves to make others shine.

To celebrate her first year with us, we wanted to spotlight her with our favorite jewelry collection, the ÉPI collection!

Under the eye of our talented photographer Sheraz, discover Snowy in store, on our website, on insta and in this article.

stellar star

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