ASTRO ROLL long necklace


Your astrological sign hammered and dipped in gold on the Roll sautoir. The ASTRO medal gathers all the details that will make it your jewel crush: the golden solar color, the XXL size and the hammered style like vintage jewelry. The ROLL sautoir decorated with the ASTRO medal for a simple yet sophisticated look.  

To offer to all those who never start their day without having read their horoscope... Or to offer yourself to display your astrological sign up high.  


  • ASTRO Medal XXL or XL
  • ROLL sautoir
  • Made in France and Italy
  • Finishing: 24k Gold plating
  • Medal Diameter: XXL 3.5 cm or XL 2,5cm
  • Material: Brass
  • Medal Back : "we are all made of stars" engraved

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